Last weekend

Last weekend I had the baby for child development, I was so excited to get it until I actually had it. I wanted to hang out with my friends but unable to because of this baby. I went to the fairfield mall with my friend and brought my baby named Derrick. Everyone was staring at me, most people thought it was real until it started crying. Trying on prom dresses was a struggle because I was nervous it was going to cry. It was quiet most of the time during the day but at night it was up all night. I got a max of 3 hours of sleep a night and if I dont get my sleep im grumpy.


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  1. This is a great post! I also had the child development baby and mines name was Penelope and she was so fussy all the time! she wouldnt let me sleep at all. I did not like taking her out in public because everyone would ask to see her, and then they would laugh because they realized she was fake haha. Nice post!


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