Single Story about athletics


People make assumptions that our school is all athletics and we are all dumb but that is far from the truth. To be in athletics we have to keep our grades up and stayed focused on school if we want to get a scholarship.  There aren’t any colleges that will give someone a scholarship with bad grades even if they are the best of the best. In opinion i think most of us  are serious about our grades, almost everyone who plays sports are in college prep classes or in advanced classes. To say athletic people don’t take their grades seriously is definitely offensive to me. 



7 thoughts on “Single Story about athletics

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  1. I like the way you express your opinion and how being an athletic means so much to you. But your paragraph is in need of work. Instead of saying ¨stayed¨ say stay, instead of saying ¨aren´t¨ say isn´t, and also make sure your I´s are capitalized. You are a very committed athlete and good job on your blog. It was very meaningful.


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